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Welcome to the Sutton Hill Church shop.  The reason we have the shop is so that we can raise funds to get a economical heating system and to have new windows put in place so that we can have a warmer Church building particularly in the winter months.   All the products that are featured here are members of the Church who are using their talents and skills to raise this money.

If you have any enquires or questions please email below using the info box.

Once a order is placed we will share how to pay.

 tattied cross

£3.50 Each

ipad cases

£6.00 each

knitted tissues covers


hat and scarf

 £3.00 Each

christmas tree stockings

£2.50 Each

bird boxes £15.00 each

tooth pillows £10.00 each

hair bobbles


drawstring bags

£5.00 each

Gift bags: 

Large £5,   Medium £4, Small  £3, Mini £2

face mask

£2.50 each

travel car pouch/mat

£10.00 each


large £3.00

medium £2.00

small £1.00

knitted blankets

£10.00 each

Sutton Hill Church

Mrs Beckie Dotson

Intergenerational Missioner

07563 382 752


104 Southgate



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