The question, “Do you know Him?” in relation to Jesus is one of the most important questions that human beings need to answer. During the Spring and Summer of 2021 the churches of Telford and Wrekin will be asking people in our communities that question in a variety of ways.

These notes for group leaders are intended to enable groups of Christians to become more confident in answering that ques(on for themselves, to get to know more deeply who Jesus is, and to be equipped to introduce Him to others. Each of the ten sessions explores a different aspect of who Jesus is through prayer, worship, Bible study, and conversa(on. Each session has broadly the same structure, following a pattern of Welcome, Worship, Word and Witness.


Each week we will add the next session material either for you to join with your group or for private study. This material has been written and produced by members of the Telford Area Mission Team and it will also direct our worship over the next few weeks. I do hope you will engage and be blessed by these studies and the themes as we explore the question together #DOYOUKNOWHIM?


Rev Dawn

Week 1 Notes

Week 2 Notes