About us

We are the local Anglican Church for the community of Sutton Hill having been here since the beginning of the estate in 1966. We are small but growing group of people, who travel together on our faith journey in Jesus. We are actively involved in our community in many ways.


You can be assured of a warm welcome. The tea, coffee and biscuits are always good!

We see ourselves as a Church in the community, for the community. 

We have faith in our community and we are people of faith in the community.

We believe we have 'Good News' to share with our neighbours and want to show that in both words and actions.

Who's who:
Alan Walden

Priest in Charge


Beckie Dotson

Intergenerational Missioner


Sutton Hill Church

Mrs Beckie Dotson

Intergenerational Missioner

07563 382 752


104 Southgate



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